YNPN Boston on the Move: Noelani Alexis


Our "On the Move" series highlights members of our YNPN Boston Leadership Team who have recently transitioned into new jobs. Noelani Alexis, a YNPN Boston Ambassador, shares her reflections on her recent job search.

Current Job: Registration & Operations Assistant at Public Responsibility in Medicine & Research (PRIM&R)

Last job: Member Service Manager at Healthworks Fitness Centers for Women

How did you find your job and prepare your application and interview?
I found my job through the YNPN Boston Listserv! To prepare for my application and interview, I based my cover letter on my qualifications for the position and drew direct comparisons to the qualifications required. I then did some research on the company (its history, mission statement, core values, etc.) and made sure to take note of things I could ask questions about. I applied for the position and made sure to follow up three days later with a call on the status of my application.

Once I got the interview, I worked with my amazing mentor to practice for the interview and make final preparations.

Did you negotiate your offer? If so, how did you prepare for this?
I did not negotiate because I was content with the initial offer.

What were you looking for? How did you know this was the right next job?
In my new position, I was looking for an opportunity for growth and development, as well as a role where I would feel confident. It was also important to me that I enjoy the work and that I have a flexible schedule, giving me the opportunity to continue volunteering and the freedom to do things on my own time. Finally, I knew I really wanted to work for an organization that lives out its mission, its core values, and helps others.

Tell us a little bit about the transition.
I made sure to give two weeks’ notice, which led to smooth sailing throughout the transition. My employer was sad to see me go, but respected the fact that I provided a resignation letter and two weeks notice. I also left with great rapport so that means a lot as well.

I was able to help my organization with the transition by communicating with my former colleagues and making sure there was a paper trail to my documents, paperwork, and any assignments I was working on. I also made sure that all of my staff were up to date and trained on their responsibilities.

What advice do you have for other young nonprofit professionals looking to make a big move?
Spend some time really thinking about what you want to do and what's important to you. Money is important, but it does not always bring happiness, so I would not base my decision on the income offer only. I would also suggest taking your time in completing applications and preparing for interviews. Once you do your research and are confident about the position you’re applying to, it goes a long way.  

Noelani Alexis was born and raised in Roxbury, MA, and graduated with a bachelor's degree in media writing from Newbury College. She loves reading, writing, meeting new people, traveling, and eating (of course). Her favorite food is falafel and french fries. She lives to encourage and inspire, and wants to help change the world in any way that she can.

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