YNPN Boston on the Move: Hilary Ippolito


Our "On the Move" series highlights members of our YNPN Boston Leadership Team who have recently transitioned into new jobs. Hilary Ippolito, a YNPN Boston Ambassador, shares her reflections on her recent job search.

Current Job: Lead Host & Community Manager at Impact Hub Boston

Last Job: Recruitment Manager at City Year


How did you find your job and prepare your application and interview?

I found the job on Idealist. I checked for new listings periodically, and when I saw the description for my current role I knew it would be the right fit.

I then prepared for the application and interview process by reflecting on the role I was leaving. I wanted to have a clear idea of where I was excelling and where I was struggling in order to share some honest (and relevant) reflections throughout the interview process.

Did you negotiate your offer? If so, how did you prepare for this?

Yes, I attended a salary negotiation workshop and spent some time researching what a reasonable salary request is for comparable roles. I also had a couple frank conversations with friends and colleagues about what each of us were being paid at the time, and where we were when starting our roles. I’m getting a little more comfortable just talking about money as a matter-of-fact part of the professional world, and the hiring process proved immensely helpful for me!

What were you looking for in a new position? How did you know this was the right next job?

I was looking for something different. I knew that I wanted to find another job that allowed me to make a positive impact, but I wanted to work long-term supporting a smaller, more consistent community of people. My work as a recruiter at City Year was engaging, impactful, and exciting, but having a mobile role that kept me moving around the city, the state, and the Northeast eventually had me craving some consistency. Although it was an incredible place to work, and though I had grown in the role beyond my expectation, it was time for change.

When I read the job description for my current role at Impact Hub Boston, I knew I had to go for it! I was drawn to the emphasis on community, collaboration, innovative thinking, and creative changemaking. It seemed like a place where people felt connected to each other and their mission, and my role would be to continue fostering that connection.

Tell us a little bit about the transition. How did you give notice to your supervisor, team, and if necessary, the organization? Were you able to help your organization with the transition? How so?

I kept my supervisor in the loop almost every step of the way. As soon as I knew I would soon need a change, I told him honestly that this would be my last year on the team and that I anticipated looking for another opportunity at the end of the recruitment cycle. In order to feel confident that I was leaving my team with the support they needed, I committed to staying on through our final deadline of the year.

I started looking for positions in late May, and informed my supervisor when I started taking interviews. Once I accepted the offer for the position, I gave a three-week notice and stayed through my last deadline. I left behind a legacy document with important information on each of my accounts alongside a personal note (with City Year swag!) for the next recruiter to come.

Additionally, I kept in touch with my former coworkers and managers, and let them know that I would be available to answer questions. I've answered a few questions via text, and I have a coffee date planned with the new recruiter to chat about best practices.

What advice would you give other young nonprofit professionals trying to make a big move, whether it's between jobs or transitioning into the sector or graduating from college?

What I recommend to any young professional “on the move” is to allow yourself a few days in between jobs to breathe and reset. I started my new role immediately after ending my last job, ending on a Tuesday and starting on a Wednesday. I felt a mad rush to close out and start fresh.

I highly recommend figuring out what you need to feel calm, confident, and ready to leave your old job behind, and then figure out what you need to feel that way about starting the new one. Give that to yourself! I would also recommend keeping in touch. Transitioning doesn't mean completely closing the book on the people and places that have meant a lot to you.

Originally from the South Shore, Hilary Ippolito is the Lead Host at Impact Hub Boston. After attending college in Maryland, she returned to the Boston area to complete two years of national service with City Year, and continued working two more years at City Year Boston as a staff member. When she’s not supporting entrepreneurs and changemakers in her day job, she enjoys crafting (but never finishing) and playing fetch with her little, black cat, Glenfiddich.

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