YNPN Boston on the Move: Aleya Martin

Meet YNPN Boston Ambassador Aleya Martin, who recently made a transition into a new job.

Current Job: Project Manager, Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Last job: Senior Community Health Associate, Health Resources in Action

How did you find your job and prepare your application and for your interview?

I did a lot of searching and networking. I applied to jobs listed on places like Indeed.com, and checked the job posting of specific companies I was interested in. I went on informational interviews (coffee dates) with people I trust and respect to ask advice on my next steps. I asked about their journey and let them know I was considering moving to a new job.

Did you negotiate your offer? If so, how did you prepare for this?

Yes, I prepared by attending a BostonGLOW workshop run by Katie Donovan, owner of Equal Pay Negotiations. I was also lucky enough to have a free 30-minute consultation with Katie. I practiced the tips and techniques and was excited to put them into action for the first time.

What were you looking for? How did you know this was the right next job?

I was looking for more responsibilities, new challenges, professional development support, and an atmosphere where I could grow both personally and professionally. I knew this was the right move because it matched many of those expectations. It provided me with new challenges and a culture where growth is expected and encouraged through ample professional development opportunities. The job duties are the perfect progression from my previous position: I went from working on a state initiative to a national initiative.

Tell us a little bit about the transition.

My supervisor had an inkling I was no longer feeling challenged and invited me to lunch, where I told her I was looking but open to other internal opportunities if they arose. Although this conversation surprised my supervisor, it opened up the conversation on a transition plan. I ended up having discussions with the VP, and I offered ideas for re-hiring for my position. I also offered to be available through the transition and answer any questions.

What advice do you have for other young nonprofit professionals looking to make a big move?

Do your homework. Research the companies and organizations you are interested in, talk to lots of people, and network. Think out of the box about who your connections are or who you might be able to get advice from. Definitely negotiate your salary: It is expected and may work against you if you don’t

Aleya Martin recently joined Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) after gaining deep experience in providing and managing technical assistance, facilitation, and trainings for healthy communities coalitions. As Project Manager at IHI, Aleya manages the work plan and budget of a national program to accelerate the pace of change in communities as they improve health where they live. Prior to joining IHI, Aleya worked in both quantitative and qualitative research-related positions. She has also worked in program/project coordination and community outreach in both the U.S. and abroad. Aleya earned an MPH from Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine and a BA in anthropology from the University of Virginia.

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