New Year, New You: Reflecting on 2015 to Set Goals for 2016


The holiday dust has settled, the first month of 2016 has flown by, and the new year no longer has its polished sheen that looked so good on January 1. What’s a young nonprofit professional to do? Even if the year has lost its new car smell, you can still park the stress and steer yourself to inspiration for the 11 months ahead of you.

How? By setting aside some YOU time to reflect on “Your Year-in-Review.” This downloadable worksheet is our gift to you to help you learn from 2015 and get focused and motivated for a phenomenal 2016.

Here’s what you’re going to do:

  1. Download and print out our worksheet for “Your Year-in-Review” - and grab a pen: you’re going old school with handwritten responses (hey, we have to slow your speed somehow on this busy highway!).
  2. Tuck away your calendar, your phone, your tablet - and all of your laments about already breaking your new year’s resolutions.
  3. Set aside some uninterrupted YOU time and settle into a favorite spot at home or out-and-about, with a favorite treat or your favorite music to reward yourself.
  4. Record your 2015 successes and challenges and your future aspirations on your worksheet.
  5. After completing the worksheet, read through your responses to look for patterns and themes and to commit to your goals mentally and emotionally.
  6. Find a spot to keep your worksheet handy - post it on the wall, add it to your journal, take pictures of it and save them on your phone - wherever works best to keep it present and visible.
  7. Refer to your worksheet on a regular basis and listen to what it says. Your reflections contain both concrete steps and big-picture perspective that will help you grow and that will move you closer to your ultimate goals.

Your wisdom and your aspirations are unique to you, and we hope “Your Year-in-Review” enables you to pause and anchor yourself to them. You can’t reach your destination without a good map or at least a few signposts - and we at YNPN Boston are happy to be part of your navigation system!

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