Milli Mixer - Non-Profit Edition


Building Competency as a Nonprofit Leader

by Sophir Jeune

On Thursday, January 31, 2019, I had the pleasure of attending this month’s Milli Goals Mixer event, hosted by The Milli Blog. The Milli Blog was founded in 2017 by Christine Williams, a skilled photographer and graphic designer and Manoucheca Lord, a passionate educator and creative counselor. Together, they provide the space and resources to inspire millennial’s to positively influence the world around them. Along with their social events, the Milli Blog offers young professionals the opportunity to submit blog contributions in their area of expertise.

January’s Milli Goals Mixer brought non-profit professionals and aspiring leaders together for an informative night. Alongside Guest Speaker, Ted Louis-Jaques, founder of Malden Rising Leaders, The Milli Blog provided attendees with detailed information on how to start a non-profit organization. Ted shared his experiences and gave insight into some of the barriers he came across in his effort to establish Malden Rising Leaders. He also offered some useful tips to young professionals beginning their journey in non-profit leadership. Paired with a unique venue, great appetizers and a diverse crowd, this event was a crowd pleaser for sure.

Here are some helpful tips and take-aways from the Milli Goals Mixer - non-profit edition:

  • Don’t be intimidated by the paperwork:
    • If you need help legally establishing your organization, with a little due diligence, you’ll find resources that can help you with the non-profit incorporation process for no cost outside of the filing fees.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask:
    • Funding is one of the key elements to a successful non-profit. Solicit donations from businesses you frequent first, the businesses you support, will most likely help support your cause as well.
  • Building your board is the most difficult task:
    • Be very strategic and choose those who not only can help support your organization financially, but also, those who are willing to invest their time into doing the work required. Make a list of everyone you know, then narrow it down accordingly.
  • Get Legal Advice:
    • Ted made sure to point out that he seeks legal advice whenever he’s unsure whether something may be a conflict of interest to his organization. It is important that all members of your non-profit work cohesively.

As a young non-profit professional, I found this month’s Milli Goals Mixer session to be very resourceful. Ted provided a wealth of non-profit information including some key points detailed in YNPN’s competency model; such as leadership and development as well as personal management.  YNPN’s Competency model is a great tool for non-profit leaders to use and gives an in-depth guide for young non-profit professionals to assess and further develop their skills in the non-profit sector. For more information on how to build your competency as a non-profit leader, and to view YNPN’s Competency Model. To learn more about The Milli Blog and the next Milli Mixer Event be sure to check out their website.             

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