Meet Nakennia President: Fall 2018 Chris Herron Professional Development Fund Recipient

Meet Nakennia President!


The Chris Herron Professional Development Fund is a critical resource that enables YNPN Boston to support young nonprofit professionals in their professional development goals. The fund provides $500 grants for learning opportunities, such as classes and conferences, for individuals like Nakennia President, a Fall 2018 grant recipient.


Nakennia is the Youth Leadership Manager at Youth Enrichment Services at a small, but mighty, non-profit in the South End called Youth Enrichment Services. She also teaches part time with The Steppingstone Academy. Nakennia takes pride in the work she does with both organizations because she connects young people to opportunities and education that will help them grow and succeed in life. Both organizations have small teams that produce large outcomes through dedication and strategic solutions to the challenges our city youth face. Nakennia is a mother of two and a proud veteran of the United States Navy. 


To learn more about the Chris Herron Professional Development Fund or apply for a grant, please visit

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