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The YNPN Boston Listserv is a free and open resource that serves to connect and empower those working in or supportive of the nonprofit sector. By joining the listserv you are considered a member of the YNPN Boston community. Listserv subscribers receive messages about jobs listings, volunteer opportunities, events, and resources. As a member, you gain access to a wide network of young professionals serving in various roles across various organizations in Boston.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email [email protected].

First off, what is a listserv?

A listserv is a program that allows subscribers to send emails to an entire mailing list. When you send an email to [email protected] it will go to all the subscribers. Relatedly, when replying to an email sent through the listserv, please use the "Reply All" function carefully as your response will be sent to the entire listserv.   

Cool! How do I join?

Click here to join

How do I post to the listserv and what can I post?

All posts on the listserv must have a nonprofit connection and have a positive contribution to the community.

In order to post to the listserv, you need to join the listserv, follow the community guidelines listed below, then send your email to [email protected].  Please note, when you send your email to [email protected], it will go to every subscriber of the listserv.

We value having an open and unrestricted community, so we do not censor or pre-screen postings. We do monitor feedback and respond to questionable and objectionable posts that violate the protocols posted below. Please be considerate and respectful, adhere to our posting protocols, use the subject line to help others easily understand what your posting is about (e.g. “Job:” or “Event:”), and be wary of the power of “Reply All.”

Examples of appropriate posts:

  • Job announcements (salary ranges strongly recommended)
  • Events, networking, and professional development opportunities
  • Volunteer and internship opportunities
  • Information requests (e.g. mentoring, venue recommendations)
  • Professional development classes/workshops
  • In-kind donations available or needed

Not appropriate for the YNPN Boston Listserv:

  • Discrimination or defamation of any kind. Disregard for this policy will result in immediate removal from the listserv
  • Solicitation, lobbying, and commercial advertising/marketing emails (strictly prohibited unless otherwise approved by the YNPN Boston Board of Directors)
  • Resume postings
  • Unnecessary replies to the entire listserv
  • SPAM - if your email address is hacked we will remove your email from the listserv

Violators of the list protocols will be warned by a member of the YNPN Boston Board. Repeat offenses are grounds for removal from the list.

Posting Job Announcements

YNPN Boston strongly recommends that you include a salary range with all job postings.  We support young nonprofit professionals who have asked for pay transparency within the nonprofit sector.  Please consider including the salary range when posting open positions and opportunities to the YNPN Boston listserv.

Can you post my job/event/opportunity etc. for me?

YNPN Boston cannot post on behalf of other organizations.

Help! My inbox is full of too much great content from the YNPN Boston Listserv! How do I manage it?

PRO TIP: Create a separate folder for YNPN Boston in your inbox and set up an email filter so that your email program automatically places incoming YNPN Boston Listserv emails into your YNPN Boston folder. Filters are easy to set up – just consult your email program’s "Help" section and set your filter to move anything with recipient [email protected] into your YNPN Boston folder. Once you do this, you can go in and browse listserv emails at your leisure, rather than feeling that your inbox is inundated.

There are two ways to receive emails on the listserv: Standard and Digest.

Standard means that you receive the individual mail messages as they are sent. You will receive a lot of email but you will not miss out on any time-sensitive events or opportunities.

Digest means instead of receiving individual mail messages, every 24 hours the emails are batched together and sent in groups. You get less emails but you might miss out on time-sensitive events or offers. This is currently the default for the listserv. 

You can switch your preferences at anytime by logging and going to (https://lists.ynpnboston.org/lists)

Once logged in:

  1. Under "Directory of Groups" select "community" then select "[email protected]"
  2. Click on left menu item "Subscriber Options"
  3. Click on the "Reception Mode" drop-down menu in the middle of the page
  4. Choose the option that best fits your needs:
    1. Standard:
    2. Rich digest (MIME attached): Emails are compiled into a once-daily digest email with a table of contents at top and message details below
    3. Do not receive: Emails are not sent, but you can still log in and view list emails in the Archive area (menu item on the left). This is a great alternative if you like being part of the conversation, but on your own time.
  5. After choosing your subscription preference, click "Update"

Does the listserv have an archive?

Yes, it does! Just log in, then in the left-hand menu click on “Archive”.  Here is the direct link.

How many times can I post? 

Please limit your number of posts to once or twice a week.  Please be considerate and respectful of people's inboxes and do not post every day for consecutive days.  Violators will be warned by a member of the YNPN Boston Board. Repeat offenses are grounds for removal from the list.

Why do the listserv emails keep going in my SPAM folder?

Please unmark the listserv email as SPAM and you will train your email to stop putting emails into the spam folder.

I want to unsubscribe!

There are multiple ways to unsubscribe from the listserv.

1) Use this link and enter your email address. This link is also found at the bottom of every email sent through our listserv.

2) Log into your listserv account at https://lists.ynpnboston.org/lists and click on the “Unsubscribe” option. Be sure to then click “OK” in the confirmation that pops up. Note: If you don’t remember your password, look to the top left of the web page to reset it.

We'll miss you, but we understand that the inbox struggle is real. There are other ways to stay up-to-date with Greater Boston nonprofit happenings, such as by following us on social media and reading our Archive.

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