Facing Fear on the Job


Whether it’s Halloween time or not, nonprofit work can get a little scary! At our latest Networking with a Twist event, attendees unpacked what keeps them up at night through some ghoulishly fun trivia — seriously, no tricks here! “Treat” yourself to a five-minute break and see if you can get a spooky-perfect score. (Answers are at the bottom of this post.)

1. Which 1970s film villain was voted “the scariest movie character of all time” by US Magazine?

2. What is the fear of Halloween called?

3. What 1970s supernatural horror film received Oscar nominations for both of its leading actresses?

4. What historic “episode” is known as Colonial America's most notorious case of mass hysteria?

5. According to PopSugar.com, what were the four most popular Halloween costumes this year?

What’s the connection between Halloween and our nonprofit work? For starters, both can be as frightening as things that go bump in the night! Sometimes we nonprofit professionals find ourselves in shaky “terror-tory” when we think about planning for our financial futures, or asking for a raise (check out these workshops on salary negotiations). We can also be stopped dead in our tracks by the fear of networking or spooked by informational interviews.

Halloween also provides a fun excuse to try on a new role and think about your next career step. At our most recent event, Networking with a Twist: Trick-or-Trivia, attendees shared some career-related Halloween costumes plans, such as political candidates (hint hint for our trivia answer!).

Are you ready to face your fears? Be sure to join us for our next Networking with a Twist event on Tuesday, November 23 at The Brahmin. Subscribe to our listerv and follow us on social media to learn more about this and other upcoming events.

Trivia question answers:

  1. The character of Michael Myers from Halloween
  2. Samhainophobia (pronounced “Sam-hain-o-phobia”).
  3. Carrie
  4. The Salem Witch Trials
  5. The all-female Ghostbusters team, “Super” Simone Biles (think gymnastics superstar, but with a superhero cape!), “Bill Clinton and his balloons” (from the DNC Convention), and a Pokemon Go trainer.


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