COVID-19 Flash Survey Results


The week of April 20th, 2020, the Research & Evaluation team at YNPN Boston sent out a short survey to the YNPN Boston listserv and social media channels to gauge the concerns/challenges and priorities of our young nonprofit professional (YNP) community. We received 88 responses and are sharing the results back to our Greater Boston community. We have reviewed these survey findings as a Board and are using them to help inform the programming and resources we will prioritize over the coming months. 

We know a lot has happened since late April. We are committed to re-surveying our community periodically to ensure that we remain responsive to the ever-changing needs of our community during this pandemic and also during ongoing police brutality.

Top 3 Biggest Challenges/Concerns of Young Nonprofit Professionals:

  • 60% are concerned for Loved Ones’ Health and Well-being
  • 56% are concerned for the clients and community that are served
  • 48% are feeling isolated


Top 3 Desired Resources from YNPN Boston:

  1. Virtual sessions on professional development topics
  2. Compiling Resources On Mental & Physical Health
  3. TIE: “Compiling info on aid from government sources or other nonprofits” AND “Compiling info on mutual aid between individuals / neighbors / communities”


Support from Employers

On average, respondents agreed with the statement: “I feel adequately supported by my employer(s) during the COVID-19 pandemic."


Demographics Summary

Respondents were predominantly:

  • Employed full-time (83%)
  • White (75% White/Caucasian, 13% Black / African / African American / Afro-Caribbean, 8% Asian American / Asian, 5% Hispanic or Latinx, 7% selected another racial/ethnic identity)
  • Women (77%)
  • Between the ages of 25-34 (73%)
  • Work at “medium” to “large” organizations (68%).


In addition to the summary above, we attempted to run basic statistical analyses (namely Chi Square tests) to see if any differences existed between different racial/ethnic groups or based on the budget size of their employer. We could not find any differences between groups, but that could be due to small sample size. 


Please Note: As we know, racial disparities have been well-documented on, before, and during the COVID-19 pandemic and before recent highly documented incidents of police brutality. Survey responses particularly around racism may look different as of June 2020. In addition, given the demographics of this survey, we know we have work to do as an organization to ensure that we’re hearing from all voices in our sector.

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