Announcing the new YNPN Boston tagline!

The Leadership Team of YNPN Boston is thrilled to introduce our organization’s new tagline: “Empowering and Connecting Tomorrow’s Nonprofit Leaders”!

Over the last four weeks, YNPN Boston Ambassadors and Board Members worked together to develop a tagline that represents our mission and commitment to the Boston social sector and the young professionals who will steward it into its next era.

Ambassadors and Board Members were given two weeks to brainstorm taglines that captured the YNPN Boston mission, brand, and personality. No easy task! Through collaboration from each other, and inspiration from our experiences and fellow nonprofits with incredible taglines, we came up with over 20 ideas!

After narrowing down our choices to three, Ambassadors and Board Members voted on the tagline that best captured our mission, brand, and personality.

So, what do you think?

We are excited about this new component of YNPN Boston branding as we continue to raise awareness about our mission and grow our impact on the Boston nonprofit community!

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