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    Let's Talk Finances! Retirement Planning


    Tuesday, August 2 | 6:30-8:30 p.m.
    Hostelling International, 19 Stuart Street, Boston, MA
    $10 per person
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    #npsquadgoals Challenge #4: Become a Nonprofit Marketing Guru


    Nonprofit Squad Goals is a regular series of challenges to help you tackle your professional development goals in small, bite-sized pieces throughout the year. We’ll offer advice and give you a platform to network with other young nonprofit professionals who have committed to making 2016 the best year yet for their careers. You can join the challenge and share your journey by using the hashtag #npsquadgoals.

    In our 2015 Young Nonprofit Professional survey, nearly 80% of you listed Marketing and Communications as one of your top most important quantifiable skills for professional development. Marketing and Communications is an expansive field encompassing brand management, sales, content creation, media relations, social media, analytics, Search Engine Optimization, advertising, and much more. It would be difficult to cover all of these in just a blog post, but we have a few ideas on how you can bolster your marketing skillset. We dare you to take action by joining our fourth challenge of the year: Become a Nonprofit Marketing Guru!

    Developing strong marketing and communications skills is critical for any young professional, no matter what their specific job. The ability to clearly express yourself, to articulate your ideas and to persuade others will help you succeed in any role. If you don’t currently work in marketing or communications, you can frame this challenge around your personal brand! Think of yourself as a brand: what do you want your audience(s) to know about you? What unique messages do you want to deliver? Which technical skill can you build to help you in your career path?

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